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Competency in Driving and Riding for E- Hailing and Courier Driver & Rider

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Competency in Driving and Riding for E- Hailing and Courier Driver & Rider

Specially designed to produce a competent driver & rider for the E-Hailing and Courier industry

With substantial increment of online shopper and the growth of online economy, it has now become a national priority to increase numbers of skill courier driver and riders. From statistic provided by ITA (International Trade Administration-E-Commerce Malaysia), Malaysia currently boasts 16.53 million online shoppers (50 percent of the population) and 62 percent of mobile users use their devices to shop online. Post MCO, it is expected more and more Malaysians will shop online thus increasing the activities of delivery services. This will in turn require more and more driver and riders. It is very important to ensure that this activity is carried out by well trained and competent drivers and riders on safety.

Course Outline

• To develop competent and safe drivers and riders for the e-hailing and courier industry.

• To provide awareness on safety, hazard and risk on the road.

• Develop skills obtained from increased knowledge and enhanced through practical training.

• To understand risk factor in driving and riding.

• To practice safe and defensive driving in the course of carrying out e-hailing or delivery job.

• To understand the basic knowledge on characteristics of vehicle and maintenance and thus ensure safety in driving and riding.


List of Courses

  • Basic Safety and Standards
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • LPG Handling and Product training
  • Introduction to Safety management system
  • Incident root cause analysis
  • ROV Supervisor Course and Certification
  • Fiber Optic Termination