Risk assessment is the process where hazards are identified, associated risk are evaluated, and eventually appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazards are determined. Risk assessments are very important as they form an integral part of a good occupational health and safety management plan. Risk assessment create awareness of existing hazards and risk towards people and assets. It can also help in determining whether existing control measures are adequate or more should be done. From discussion with clients, Risk assessment requirements can be developed. For example currently we are carrying out truck routing and road hazard mapping to identify best and safest route from a supply point to a particular receiving site for an oil major. Customer site assessment are also carried out to identify hazards. Recommendations on traffic flow and other safety requirements at site are developed depending on risk levels of high medium or low. Deliverables such as safety reports and critical site drawings are submitted to clients. Emergency response procedures can also be further developed.

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Our business objective is to provide added value to organizations in improving their safety, eficiency and competency of their personnel.This is achieved from engaging in discussions until development of deliverables and where required followed through by training.

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